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12 Station Sporting Clays Course
5 Stand Course

Sporting clays is an exciting and challenging sport.

The sporting clays course is comprised of 12 stations, much like holes on a golf course. Each station will have a different presentation of targets. See: "fees" regarding ammo and carts

Sporting clays is best shot with a friend or a group, since “pulling” the targets and keeping score is essential. When a group starts a round, they will start on station one. If there are 4 shooters in a group, shooter number one will shoot first at the first station. Shooter number two will shoot first at the second station and so on. You must always rotate the first shooter and shoot in order.

Previewing targets:

When a group arrives at a station, the first shooter is allowed to pull one “look pair”. This is so everybody in the group will have a chance to see the targets before they shoot. Groups are only allowed to have one “look pair” per group per station. The first shooter will call for the look pair and then call and shoot his pairs (either 4 or 5 pair per station depending on the station). Once the first shooter has shot at all his pairs, the second shooter will call for all of his and so on.

Lost & Dead:
Targets that are shot at and result in a broken or chipped target are notated on the score card with an “X”. These targets are called “dead”. Targets that are missed are notated with a “O” and are called “lost”.

No Birds:
If a trap throws a target that is broken, or the target breaks coming out of the machine, it is a “no bird” and the pair will be re-thrown with no score taken.

Remember to lead the targets and stay in front while keeping the gun swinging. Have fun and please pick up your trash and empty hulls.



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